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In today’s Blog, we are going to discuss the big question ” Does Home Window Tinting Really Work ” and is it really worth getting done?

It is a fascinating question. You have to ask yourself what is the main reason why you need window tinting for your home.

We have 6 central answers what window tinting does to improve your home, and they are listed below.  


Now that we have looked into the 6 central answers lets take a deep dive into each one and how they can benefit your home. 

Stop Harmful UV Rays

This goes without a doubt. 

Window tinting is great for reducing harmful UV rays entering your home. 

Australia has some of the worst UV ratings around, 

It is awful for your skin not only in the outdoor sun but also gives you the same effect indoors. 

These harmful rays affect your skin, but it also damages your home decor and flooring, reducing the overall lifespan.   


Samurai Signs has a wide variety of different types of tint that reduces UV rays. The most efficient tint we have reduces UV rays by 80%. 

-Stay Cool In Summer And Warm in Winter

Let’s face it. Everyone loves to stay cool in summer. With residential window tint, the manufacturers create the film using metal tinting and dyes.

With this combination, it reflects the UV rays ( Heat ) from entering the home and gives your house a subtle cooling effect.

This will help you reduce your overall energy consumption to your home.

How does this help you in winter if it reduces the heating coming in?

Home Window Tinting actually acts as an insulator by trapping the warm air inside your home. This also is great for reducing your power bill as your aircon won’t be on all-day-long.

With Samurai Signs range of Home Window Tints, we can discuss with you the best possible solution to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Reducing Glare In Your Home

Have you ever sat and watched TV in the late afternoon or in the morning only to have the sun half blind you while watching your favourite show. It is quite annoying.

The same problem happens when you’re using your laptop for that critical project you have to do at home.

The Home Window Tint actually reduces the transmission of visible light entering your home, This gives you the effect of glare reduction. The window tint Samurai Signs holds have 3 to 4 different shade classes.

The darkest giving you the most glare reduction to your home. This is how we accomplish this effect for keeping your home glare-free. 

Improved Privacy 

Your home should be a safe place, especially if you have kids.

Your standard home glass gives you no privacy. You can actually see into someones home quickly from the side of the road. Anyone could be doing this without your knowledge. 

Due to the dark nature of Samurai Signs line of window tints.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your home will have exceptional privacy from the outside but great visual on the inside.

This is mainly due to those metal tints we explained earlier on in this article.

It gives your window a darker reflective look and makes it hard for people to look into your home unless you get right up and close to the window to see 

Safety And Security

You see a lot of homes these days with the security screens.

These types of security screens are bulky looking and can be hard to see out of also gives you the feeling that you are locked in jail.

Samurai Signs has a specialty line of window tint called the magnum safety series.

There are 3 different thicknesses in this series, giving you a puncher strength between 156 to 187 pound-force. 

Exceptional Look and Feel

You notice the difference between a home that has been tinted and one that hasn’t. 

There is something about a tinted window that gives your home that finished touch and elegant look to it. 

The darker hue to the window changes the appearance to your home exponentially inside and out. 


Home Window Tint is an excellent addition to any home, whether it is new or old.

The overall benefits it has are; adding value to your property, reduced energy consumption and the enhanced security for your family. 

If any of the answers above resonate with you, get in contact with Samurai Signs today.

We will come to your home and discuss our range of window tints with you to provide the perfect solution to any of your home issues.

We are located in Warwick , Queensland and service Toowoomba , Brisbane , Goldcoast , Sunshine Coast , Stanthorpe and everywhere in between


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