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Today’s article explains how you could position yourself better with outstanding graphics on your vehicle.

The world is full of extreme distractions; the average person’s attention span of 12 seconds makes it much harder for your company to stand out from everyone else,

We have seen it time and time again a company will turn up to a job site and no one knows who they are it’s like a stranger coming into a business or home with a hi-vis shirt on

Before picture of Bliss Building & Constructions vehicle

Before picture of Condamine Plumbing vehicle

It can be a very daunting experience for your potential client as they don’t know who you are and is exceptionally unprofessional. It could lose you the job by having this one mistake. If your client has got a few quotes from other companies 


Being a tradesman, There is a sea of competition in your industry trying to take a piece of the pie of every job that comes in. 


“So how do you position yourself in front of them? “


It’s quite easy. You create a brand that people remember. It’s like when you’re at work listening to your favourite radio station. In this example, we call the ad ” Johns Electrical Installations,” and his ad plays repeatedly. 


It subconsciously embeds his company into your head, so when someone asks, or you need an electrical job done, you automatically know. Johns Electrical Installations is your man for the job. 


This type of approach is the same with advertising on your vehicle, next time when you take a drive around your town/city see how many cars you see with signage on them, 


Now let’s think about how much your potential clients would see them as you do, and if you don’t have anything on your vehicle, how are they supposed to know who you are and what your brand is all about.


Samurai Signs comes and helps you do precisely that. 

As part of our service, we sit with you in a one on one consultation to completely understand what your business is about and how we can get you noticed from everyone else, 


Using high impacted graphic designs and positioning your brand in front of your competitors, making you look professional every time you see your client wanting you to come back for more work to be done. 


We have seen strangers come up to vehicles that had our services done taking photos wanting to call our clients for work to be done, 

The most significant advantage from any other type of signage is you can be anywhere your vehicle is and get your business noticed. We call it “Your Billboard On Wheels.” 

If you would like to get your business seen come and see us at Samurai Signs we are located at 44 King Street , Warwick QLD and service Toowoomba , Brisbane , Goldcoast , Sunshine Coast , Stanthorpe and everywhere in between

After pictures of Bliss Building & Construction

After pictures of Bliss Building & Construction


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